Friday, June 3, 2011

"Churched" Book Review

          Churched follows the spiritual journey (or lack there of) of Matthew Turner. Matthew’s family goes from being United Methodists into the world of the Fundamentalist Baptists. Turner depicts life as a church boy. Stuck in Sunday School and Other services with a Pastor who preached a colorful view of Hell, Fire, and Brimstone. As turner goes through life his head is filled with things to think as a Christian. He grows up thinking about what it means to be a Christian and is ready to go toe to toe with anyone who thinks differently. As he grows turner begins to ask more and more questions, and realizes eventually that Christianity is not a head game. There is no perfect formula to being a follower of Jesus.
          I found this book to be excellent. Growing up a church boy it was easy to relate with. I myself had to do some growing and questioning and I’m still doing the same. Through out the whole book, I was hoping that Matthew eventually made it out of IBBC alive. What I found most comforting is this. God, no matter what, shows his glory. No mater how much people try and twist and squish and falsify who he is, God lets his children know he loves them and in a truthful way. In Matthew’s case it took God taking him out of a situation that not only screwed him up, but  had he stayed would have eventually led to him screwing up the lives of many others.


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