Monday, August 15, 2011

Reggie Review

Reggie Dabbs's life changed when in the second grade he realized his parents were not his real parents, and that his birth was the result of a twenty-dollar deal his sixteen year old unwed mother made to secure the food she needed for her three other children. Dabbs went through his pre-teen and adolescent years wrestling with this news while growing up in a home where despite his background, he was in the care of two people that would provide for him as they would to their own flesh and blood, and where Reggie would learn that value of being unconditionally loved. Now, Dabbs spreads this unconditional love to each venue he visits to speak, trying, to the best of his abilities, to speak into the hearts of every single person that can hear his voice. 

Truth be told, I had never heard of Reggie Dabbs before finding his book on After reading the description and learning more about him, I was interested in learning about this man who has spoken world wide in front of thousands and tens of thousands, spreading a message of hope, inspiration and most of all, love. Spread throughout the pages of his book are inspirational and insightful stories during his life that impacted him and altered his perspective on where he was going to take his life. Many of his stories are successfully related to stories found the Bible, provided with perfect clarity a message of redemption and of hope. It is hard to not to feed off this man's charisma and be engaged in the stories he tells and the points that he drives home. 

If there is anything that I did not like about the book, it is the amount of "filled in" story Dabbs provides for several of the stories he tells from the Bible. They are just filled with some fluff that I did not particularly care for, and for people who may read this without knowing the stories, some facts could get a little mixed up. The points made are the same, but the finer details provided somewhat dilute what we may or may not know. While he added to stories when retelling them, some with humorous twists, he by no means declares the account he is retelling to be factual or definitive. It is just that he sometimes went into a lot of details that we otherwise do not have. A pretty minor point, and by far the worst "offense" of this inspirational book. 

This is an excellent book for all teenagers and for adults that may not realize they possess the potential to break out of the chains of their past. On a personal note, it did not bring any more clarity to my walk with God than I already know, but what I do know is that I would have benefited greatly from this man's wisdom and message of love during my teen years, when the woes of every day drama were heavy on my mind while I took for granted the kind of home I grew up in. 


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